River Valley Dental Savings Plan

If you’ve been putting off the dental care you need due to lack of dental insurance or looking for a way to make dental care more affordable, consider taking advantage of our dental savings plan.

We offer an exclusive membership plan to those who have minimal dental benefits, are uninsured, or need a more affordable option, so all of our patients can access excellent, affordable dental care.

For an annual fee of $399, the River Valley Dentistry savings plan covers exams, x-rays, one emergency visit, and two yearly cleanings. There are no yearly maximums or deductibles, and no one is denied coverage through our plan. 

If you’re currently insured, we recommend comparing your current plan to our in-house plan. Insurance jargon can be difficult to interpret, but if you have any questions, our knowledgeable team is always at your disposal. Please contact us through our contact form or give our office a call for any specific questions or concerns regarding your situation.

"It has been years since I have been to the dentist. The entire team was understanding and made me feel comfortable during my visit. The doctor was thorough and explained the entire process. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a new dentist to check them out."

K. Bowen